About Us

My name is Browyn King and I am the owner and creator behind BK Designs!  I started this business in 2018 after gifting items to teachers and friends, and those same people coming back to me and asking for me to make things for their family and friends! I used to accept tacos and chips and salsa for payment, but quickly realized that wasn’t sustainable long term.  ;)
I am originally from Nebraska and moved to Texas in 2010 with my husband after our first child was born (we now have 3!).  I am a Mother-Baby nurse part time, play with all things glitter full time, and I am in graduate school to get my Family Nurse Practitioner degree.  I was an art minor in college and love that I get to use my creativity with this business and my degree as a nurse!
I love being able to help people find the perfect gift for loved ones to make them feel as special as they are!